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The casino mobile game market is crowded – it can be very lucrative and many developers want a piece of that cake. Put simply, lookalike audiences are audiences who are very likely to be interested in your casino mobile game because they resemble your existing user base. Be diligent when it comes to A/B testing because that’s the scientific way of evaluating the performance of your creatives. Marketing a casino game is all about creatives – it’s what can make or break your mobile game. SensorTower estimates that this casino game publisher earned $5 million in revenue during February 2020. It’s a free game that allows users to test their luck and get a chance of winning real money and rewards. Lucky Day has awarded its users with more than 3 million dollars in prizes.

There are many reasons why you should consider taking a casino up on an offer. This can go hand-in-hand with a loyalty or VIP program.

Though some casinos will have two different programs – one for the general public, and a private one for invites only. They’ve already gave you money once, so chances are they’ll be willing to do it again. That’s not so bad considering top-performing games from all casual genres, except for action, have ARPDAU โปรโมชั่นสล็อต of $0. 05 and less. Just like we saw with ARPPU, mid-core genres are the most successful when it comes to ARPDAU, more specifically, roleplaying and strategy games. Average revenue per paying user is another crucial mobile game metric. It has a direct influence on the revenue you earn from your casino game.

Playtika is the #1 casino game developer, with over 280, 000, 000 installs! It’s famous for immersive social casino titles like Slotomania, World Series of Poker, and Caesars Casino. Players are not forced to “beg” for comps or interact with multiple supervisors to finally get one, and it is clear to the players what they can expect. They pay attention to the math and analysis of the comp/free play programs, to insure they are not too generous and not rewarding advantage players.

Casino games have one of the highest day 28 user retention out of all genres. That’s why we have put together a large list of statistics that will help you benchmark your casino game. It’s the way to gain an advantage over your competitors. What makes this part of Lucky Day’s video ad so effective is that it shows real, ordinary people winning that money. This makes winning a real possibility for users who are watching the ad – users can see themselves in those people. Finally, the fifth ad copy is all about attracting users with free rewards – chips are the most valued possession in poker games. The first ad copy focuses on bluffing, which is a big part of poker – it challenges players to spot the biggest bluffs.

Well, oftentimes, changing game mechanics only slightly can be enough for your game not to fall under the technical definition of gambling. By doing that, you leverage established brands to make your casino game a hit. When users see a brand they love and trust implemented in a new casino game, they’re inclined to install it. You’ll often find words like “slots”, “spin” or “roll” in casino game titles. That’s because those keywords work – it’s what users search for in the app store.

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When writing an ad copy for your social casino game, focus on the most interesting and unique features of the game. This Zynga Poker video ad focuses on one important aspect of playing poker – the art of bluffing. It puts users’ poker skills to the test by challenging them to spot bluffs in the game. The end of Zynga Poker video ad shows a player who has just won $1, 045, 000, 000 which is very alluring to all poker players. It’s also a good idea to have multiple versions of your casino game so that every different version complies with the specific laws of a country. This ensures that your product will be 100% legal and safe for users.